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Sugar Platform

From the Sugar Platform to biofuels and biochemicals

The objective of this study, also carried out in support of EC DG ENERGY was the The SUGAR PLATFORM is a comprehensive study carried out in support of EC DG ENERGY that maps out the main industrial production pathways and market for lignocellulosic. Different process routes have been assessed on a common basis for a number of criteria, such as development status, feedstock and potential products, investment and production costs, economic competitiveness and market potential, sustainability using key criteria such as GHG emissions, land use and other environmental and socio-economic factors. This study represents a reference work for policymakers and industrial stakeholders to overview technology opportunities, key benefits and how their development can best be supported.development of a general feasibility study template for first of a kind commercial sustainable biofuel project. The template and accompanying guidance note are freely available for use by all interested stakeholders and support of assessment of the cost of developing advanced biofuel projects, facilitating the deployment of advanced biofuels in Europe.