Innovation Is Our Nature

RE-CORD is a private-public nonprofit Research & Development organization founded in 2010 that groups together its members resources (know-how, networks, plants, laboratory and other facilities) in a single body able to catch opportunities quickly and efficiently in the field of renewable energies, biomass, bioenergy and bioeconomy.

RE-CORD represents an excellence in research and demonstration, a place where from the experience, passion and dynamism of people innovative ideas are created, developed then brought to reality: new knowledges, new technologies, new products, new practices and new value chains thus take shape.

These objectives are achieved through research carried out in the context of funded projects (i.e. from the European Union, national ministries, regulatory authorities & Co.) or of self-financed research, both in an international environment and in close contact with local actors. RE-CORD targets advancements in the renewable energy, bioenergy, bioeconomy and sustainable development sectors, in a circular economy scheme and, thanks to its technical and scientific network, connecting Italy to Europe and the rest of the world.

In addition RE-CORD’s mission stimulates local competencies, giving highly skilled young graduates opportunities in their home country and abroad, supporting local administrations and domestic companies, so as to reduce emigration of talents.


Our Mission

Our mission is to contribute to the development of the strategic sectors of biomass, bioenergy and bioeconomy, carrying out research for the development of new technologies, new products, new value chains. To achieve this progress we deal with many different topics, from biomass production, to the most suitable production techniques, up to biomass exploitation for energy and bioproducts production, passing through biomass conversion using different kind of procedures such as thermochemical conversion or biological processes. Special attention is always paid to developing processes and complete value chains in a circular economy/perspective: this means being able to integrate in the best way these new chains in the actual environment, minimizing the residues of existing activities and providing them with new business opportunities.

With its activity RE-CORD enhances know-how in these fields promoting a multidisciplinary approach, thanks to its highly specialized team covering most related areas, thanks to its members activities and specific competences, and thanks to its relevant network including national and international industries as well as other research centres. Consequently RE-CORD represents an excellence point in its field and a reference for many actors: it provides an experimental platform (laboratory, demo plants and competencies) to develop industrial research in a scientific and technological environment, offering support and qualified services to administrations and policy makers at EU, National and Regional level, promoting socio-economic Regional development and networking with National and International stakeholders and programs.

In addition RE-CORD’s mission is also training and dissemination. First of all RE-CORD deals with the training of young researchers and professionals through many internship programs, several degree and Ph.D. theses, the IMES Master and other international training projects. Furthermore RE-CORD gives these highly specialized young professionals the opportunity to put in practice their expertise in their geographical area supporting administrations and domestic companies, avoiding talent emigration and boosting socio-economic local development.


Our Main Goals

1. Industrial Research

Providing a high-tech platform (laboratory, demo plants and competencies) to develop industrial research in a scientific and technological environment.

2. Member's Resources

Bringing together members’ resources in a single organization able to quickly and efficiently catch opportunities.

3. Local Authorities

Providing local authorities and companies with know-how and qualified industrial-scale R&D services.

4. Young Researchers

Offering highly skilled young graduated researchers the opportunity to work on a strategic sector in their home country and abroad, fighting talent emigration.

5. Research and Demonstration

Representing a lead specialist in Bioeconomy and Bioenergy, an excellence point for research and demonstration on several specific areas of renewable energy, in an international scale

6. Sustainable Development

Promoting sustainable development and networking with experiences and expertise available both in Italy and abroad.